North1233 himself.

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North1233 is a RPer who joined the forum somewhere in early 2014. Due to creating some RPs that are below the acceptance level of people, either sub-experienced to veteran-like, he is controversial among various RPers such as rockmax2112alt, BillCipher and more to follow. He is probably distanced from the Soardlo levels of bad publicity though.

History Edit

North1233 joined on Feb 6, 2014. His first game was Feed or Be Eaten By a Giant Noob, and first forum destination is RP. He creates RPs and gives advice. He also goes on OT, but there's a guess of whether it's true or not.

Personality Edit

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North's own descriptionEdit

North looks out for his friends, and makes new connections easily. He will watch your back if you're his friend.

Roleplays Edit

RPs Created Edit

  • Fletching High
  • Dawn of the Animals
  • Dragon Dawn
  • Sleeping Noob
  • Supermarket RP
  • A New Era
  • A Life In Banland: Part 2
  • Copperwire Prison
  • Digimon: New Danger
  • Forever Winter
  • Life in Banland
  • A New Age of War
  • Metalwire Prison and Mental Institute
  • No Escape

I forget the rest. ;-;

RPs Joined Edit

Noob Invasion

Trivia (don't peek at the answers!): Edit

1. What date did North join?

A. Feb 6, 2014

B. Feb 2, 2013

C. Mar 8, 2010

D. Sep 1, 2012

2. True or False: North has never been to any games.

3. Does North create RPs?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Maybe

D. Don't know

4. What was North's first game?

A. Apocalypse Rising

B. Feed or Be Eaten By a Giant Noob

C. The Mad Murderer

D. Work At a Pizza Place