SomethingToDo is hatdabblack in hiding so I tell you some secrets about him. (I mostly European so I not going be best in grammar)

hatdabblack wholesome start Edit

Hatdabblack was first Cool-cat-mem the Cool-cat-mem account mostly play SWFO Paper Mario Sonic Games. So that means Cool-cat-mem was not serious RPer. AND BOOM I LOST MY ACCOUNT. So I made family of accounts call Hat Dab I mostly use them just for fun. I would choose Hatdabblack because it was 13+ and I got robux on it.

hatdabblack serious RP Edit

I first slowly become in world of serious RP after finding game call No Man Wasteland that no longer exist. Not much happen in No Man Wasteland I just hangout with some RP peers and tell stories about Texas or some crap. My serious RP would grow as more serious RPers ruin my party saying "OH MY GOD YOU FRPER!!!" slowly I learn I guess how to serious RP at point where I would go to SWFO and act like jerk to everybody saying how their RP is wrong.

hatdabblack edgy sorta not even teenage Edit

I regret even coming close to serious RP business because I was mostly edgy and rude. I don't even really want talk about this part of my life. But one thing that sorta change was me looking to RP groups one call Raptors that was link to No Man Wasteland send me to group call Vaste Landers.

hatdabblack found -22 and dropping i guess Edit

The Vaste Landers group was made from guy that was redneck cup head who even send links of old -22 and dropping games. The first ever -22 and dropping game I play was Upernavik and maybe Sunrise. I went to last link call -22 and dropping Proven this where I meet a fine man call Whiteninja who help me understand this game was less crap then else I have ever deal with. My first RP on -22 Proven was being Vaste Lander and putting down bombs it was sorta dramatic but I slowly get used to -22 Proven community.

i guess modern day hatdabblack Edit

With community that actually is friendly I slowly grow more chill RPer at point where I just have joke roleplays. I travel and leave -22 Proven to find new games to RP at and I got say I kinda hate half them. I realize that serious-RP for me sucks and it just ruin me. So I went back to time and travel to Mario Paper community find out that THEY DEAD THEY GOT COPYRIGHT. I find this copy of Mario Paper morphs and map and I later fall in love with none-serious RP. Shutout to Doggo. My today today is just me trolling or doing none-serious RP in some form.